Steel Reels

Manufactured at Pentre Group’s advanced reel and spool fabrication facilities, our steel reels cover a wide range of both national and international standard sizes, as well as bespoke customer designs and are suitable for a variety of process and shipping applications.

Steel Reels Lightweight Reels

Lightweight Reels

Pentre Group Shipping Reels – SR type, are used extensively across the cable industry, particularly in the ferrous and non ferrous wire industry, for both single and multi-trip shipping …view details

Steel ReelsWire Drawing Reel - SF

Wire Drawing Reel – SF

Pentre Group Wire Drawing Reels – SF type, are fully machined, in-process take up reels that are custom designed for use in the manufacture of ferrous…view details

Steel Reels Wire Drawing Reel – BP

Wire Drawing Reel – BP

Available in a wide range of both Metric and Imperial flange diameters from 400mm to 1250mm and 16” to 48”, Pentre Group Wire Drawing Reels – BP type are manufactured…
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Steel Reels Process Reel – FB

Process Reel – FB

Pentre Group Process Reels – FB type, are in-process reels suitable for use across a variety of applications including; take-up reels on insulation lines, sheathing or jacketing lines…
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