Our Story

Established in 1988, Pentre Group is a UK manufacturing success story. Through a series of carefully chosen partnerships and acquisitions we are acknowledged as one of the world’s leading suppliers of drums reels and ancillaries to the global wire and cable industry.

Pentre Group Values

  • We aim to offer our customers fair and competitive prices with excellent service.
  • We work collaboratively with customers to achieve best results offering alternative options not just “standard products”.
  • We question the status quo and embrace the principles of “continuous improvement”.
  • We will support our customers in adhering to regulatory commitments in respect of Ethics & Compliance, including REACH and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Who are Pentre Group

Hearl Heaton

An internationally recognised name, Hearl Heaton has been part of the Pentre Group of companies for over two decades.

Founded in 1809, the company played an important part in Britain’s Industrial Revolution, providing bobbins to the textile mills across the North of England. As mills closed and demand began to fall, the company was quick to identify new and exciting opportunities, developing specially designed reels for use in the blossoming telephone and electricity industries.

This innovative and flexible approach is still in evidence today, the Hearl Heaton range of products continues to provide flexible and efficient reel designs, which are at the forefront of high-speed reel technology.

Industrial Reels

Established in 1946, Industrial Reels built a reputation for supplying tough composite spools.

Moulded from strong thermoplastic materials and expertly designed and tested to British and International standards, reels could be adapted to customers’ exact specifications.

These skills and expertise were used to expand the company’s product range across a variety of products, including hazard warning lights, traffic lights and street furniture, indeed, anything that required custom moulding to a shot weight of 10kg.

In 1995 Industrial Reels became a member of the Pentre Group, they continue to produce reels that perform better against stress, wear and chemicals than ever before.


J. Farrés Palomeras, Barcelona, began manufacturing wooden packaging, more than sixty years ago.

Initially specializing in pallets and shipping boxes, the company built a solid reputation for quality production and service. Responding to customer requests drums and reels were added to the growing product list and within a few years Farrés had become Spain’s largest manufacturers of Plywood and Cardboard Reels.

Following a successful and long term business relationship, Farrés became the latest member of the Pentre Group in early 2013. The combined resources of these two respected companies will ensure the long term security of both companies for many years to come.

Our History

Established Pentre Group
Acquired Warrington Reel (founded 1909)
Acquired Dean Bros
Acquired Hearl Heaton (founded 1809)
Acquired Sonoco Reels
Acquired Henry Sutcliffe
Acquired HEAS, Denmark (founded 1946)
Acquired Siipola, Finland
Acquired Industrial Reels
Acquired Kovotechnik, Czech Republic
Acquired Farrés, Spain