Wooden Reels and Drums are a crucial part of our business. Our experienced production staff and industry specialists have built strong working relationships with both customers and suppliers to ensure that we continue to produce a comprehensive range of softwood, plywood and timber drums of the highest quality at the keenest prices

Our recent acquisition of Pentre Farrés confirms our commitment to improving our overall service. In the short time that we’ve been collaborating with them, we’ve enjoyed a three fold increase in sales and production. Personnel from the UK have been working closely with their Spanish colleagues to improve work flow.

Continued investment in the Barcelona facility has seen the introduction of a new more efficient production line and the recruitment of additional staff will see capacity increase even further, with the introduction of a second shift.

We are committed to sustainability and we continue to press our suppliers to ensure that all our timber is from well managed forests with impeccable stewardship. Our membership of the Timber Trade Federation means that we consistently review our suppliers.

As manufacturers we are able to offer complete flexibility and as we are involved in the manufacture of drums across the full range of materials you’ll be sure to receive honest and independent advice on the best solution for your project.

In addition to our standard ready assembled drums we offer a number of ranges that can be easily assembled on site. Not only does this save you storage space, there can massive savings in transportation.

Browse are product ranges now or contact our product specialist to discuss your specific requirements.