After twenty years of successful collaboration Pentre Group have joined forces with Farrés, Spain, creating Pentre Farrés. The acquisition was completed in 2013 and brings together two of Europe’s leading reel and drum manufacturers.

This is a very exciting chapter in our company’s growth the increased capacity and streamlined production that this merger represents, ensures that we continue to meet your demands, ever more efficiently.

Pentre Group Managing Director Mike Seymour said “We look forward to a successful collaboration which will benefit not only our customers but all within the Pentre Group.”

farres saThis latest acquisition, part of a solid and sustainable expansion plan, has seen Pentre Group continue to grow its share of the international reel and drum market.

Continued investment in plant and machinery, along with the latest technology and software means we are now more efficient than ever before – reducing production time, increasing productivity and reducing costs.