Wire Drawing Reel – SF

Wire Drawing Reel

Pentre Group Wire Drawing Reels – SF type, are fully machined, in-process take up reels that are custom designed for use in the manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous bare wire products.

Available in a wide range of both Metric and Imperial flange diameters from 400mm to 1250mm and 16” to 48”, reels are manufactured to DIN 46397, as well as bespoke customer requirements.

Capable of operating to speeds in excess of 40 metres per second, makes them ideal for use in multiwire and single wire drawing machine, as well as subsequent manufacturing processes such as bunching and stranding. Their robust design also makes them suitable for annealing.

Suitable for use across a wide range of products including:
  • Multiwire, plain and tinned copper from 6/0.02mm to 12/0.4mm diameter
  • Plain and tinned single ends of copper from 0.1mm to 3.5mm diameter
  • Single ends of aluminium from 1mm to 5mm diameter
  • Enamelled wire manufacture
All Pentre Group reels are manufactured from high quality, certified, prime steel plate and tube and are welded by MIG process, with all welds and weld preparations conforming to BS5135.

Precision machining by CNC lathes, results in minimum flange distortion to ensure uniform traversing and high speed pay off and enables use in robotic handling systems and automatic handling systems.

Reels are dynamically balanced to ISO1940 and are capable of operating to speeds of up to 40 metres per second.

  • A wide range of non standard sizes, in both metric or imperial dimensions
  • Reels can be dynamically balanced to operate up to 60m per second
Click here to view DIN 46397 Technical Data

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