Process Reel – FB

Steel Process Drum

Pentre Group Process Reels – FB type, are in-process reels suitable for use across a variety of applications including; take-up reels on insulation lines, sheathing or jacketing lines, wire armouring machines, single and double twist machines, as well as input reels to double-twist and drumtwist lay-up machines.

Available in a wide range of both Metric and Imperial flange diameters from 400mm to 1250mm and 16” to 48”, reels are manufactured to DIN 46397 or DIN46395, as well as bespoke customer requirements.

These in-process take up and pay off reels and are suitable for use in a variety of product handling applications including:

  • Take-up reels on insulation lines
  • Input reels to double twist and drumtwist layout machines
  • Take up reels on sheathing/jacketing lines
  • Take up reels on wire armouring machines
  • Take up reels for single and double twist machines
All Pentre Group reels are manufactured from high quality, certified, prime steel plate and tube and are welded by MIG process, with all welds and weld preparations conforming to BS5135.

Precision machining by CNC lathes, achieves repeatable dimensions and tolerances.

  • Non standard metric or imperial dimensions and carrying capacities
  • Dynamically balanced to ISO1940, if required
  • Under barrel bolt reinforcement
  • Flanges and side plates can be embossed for increased resistance to flexing
  • Flat sided flanges, without embossing
  • Manufactured throughout from aluminium
  • Flange cable access slots
  • For drumtwist applications reels can be specially reinforced
  • Flat rim also available
Click here to view DIN46395 Technical Data

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